Counting the cost of diabetes -

Counting the cost of diabetes

Diabetes represents a signicant cost – both to the NHS and to society in general. The Think Tank has produced an infographic illustrating the key statistics on the cost of diabetes and the top three policy recommendations agreed at the last meeting.

After discussing the possible ways in which strategies to prevent diabetes could be implemented, the Think Tank agreed on the following recommendations: 

  • The NHS Diabetes website should be re-established as a matter of urgency - as an accessible, live site - to provide a central repository of information on diabetes - including data on the costs of diabetes at a local level, and the benefits which investment in prevention may bring
  • The Department of Health should consider the inclusion of diabetes-related indicators in the Health Premium Incentive Scheme. However, careful consideration should be given to indicator design in partnership with the diabetes community
  • The provision of NHS Health Check follow-up services, as distinct from the provision of NHS Health Check services by themselves, should be made a mandatory requirement on local authorities and overseen by Public Health England (PHE)

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