Setting national ambitions for improving diabetes care -

Setting national ambitions for improving diabetes care

Following November's meeting, the Diabetes Think Tank has produced an infographic with its recommendations on what the Department of Health and NHS England should prioritise in the development of the NHS Mandate and the CCG ratings system, to secure improvements to diabetes care.

During its November meeting, the discussion focused on which areas of diabetes care members felt should be prioritised by the Government in its development of both the Mandate and its CCG ratings system. The Think Tank agreed on the following recommendations:

  • The NHS Mandate should contain specific objectives on diabetes outcomes in the NHS Mandate
  • The new CCG ratings system should measure diabetes management, such as improvements in reducing complication rates
  • The CCG ratings system should include clear consequences for poor performance and an indication of the support available
  • There should be greater collaboration between available networks to help spread best practice
  • The Patient Experience of Diabetes Services survey should be commissioned as part of teh National Diabetes Audit

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