Insight – Physician’s Program

Advantages for Physician’s Program

  • In an increasingly competitive infertility field, individual client counseling further enhances an existing assisted reproduction technology program.
  • Counseling specifically addresses the emotional impact and related issues that result from infertility treatment.
  • Counseling adds a human component to a technical process.
  • Counseling by ICCI is cost effective compared to cost of hiring staff .
  • On-Call service helps reduce workload for staff.
  • Staff training enhances ability to cope effectively with the emotional demands of working in the assisted reproduction field.

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The Program (Aspects of IVF)

  • Individual, Couple and Group Counseling Sessions at critical stages of IVF cycle.
  • Counseling program for the issues of IVF.
  • Instruction in anxiety management techniques.
  • Marital and Sexual counseling for problems related to infertility treatments.
  • Psychological testing and evaluation.
  • In-service staff training.
  • 24Hr. On-Call availability for patient emergencies.
  • Multi-media presentations.

The “Aspects of the IVF Program” and the original content of the multi-media productions were specifically designed by ICC to meet the psychological needs of the IVF patient and enhance the assisted reproduction protocol established by the attending physician.