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Emotional Aspects Of IVF

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Insight Clinical Consultants, Inc. has created and produced a video called Emotional Aspects of IVF to address the psychological and social issues surrounding the concept and procedures of in vitro fertilization. This physician package includes one video (22.25 minutes) and reproducible patient support worksheets available on CD in Microsoft word format (disc available upon request.) The cost of this package is $79.99 (Florida tax, shipping and handling included) 

The primary goal of this project is to provide a tool to be used for educational purposes by physicians, and to give your patients a feeling of enhanced support from their medical treatment team. In an increasingly competitive infertility field total individualized patient care enhances an already existing assisted reproductive technology program by adding the psychological sensitivity that this diagnosis so deservingly warrants.

“ This video is both enlightening and heartwarming.”
Dr. Mark Denker MD FACOG MD 
Palm Beach Fertility Center of Boca Raton, Florida 

“ This incredibly informative and down to earth video allows patients to hear the hopes, fears and experiences of a real live couple going through the in vitro fertilization process. It’s like experiencing all the benefits of a therapeutic support group right in your own home. What a help to my patients considering such a procedure.”

Nicole G. Singer M.S. LMHC  Licensed Mental Health Counselor

North Palm Beach, Florida

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